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The Precepts of the law may be comprehended under these three points: to live honestly, to hurt no man willfully, and to render every man his due carefully.

                                                                                             - ARISTOTLE

Legale Affaires is a sophisticated law firm strategically located at Panvel, Navi-Mumbai on Mumbai-Pune Highway, offering unmatched legal assistance in every stream of law with acute precision to its clients. We have significant depth and experience spanning headline mandates at multiple jurisdiction. Legale Affaires endeavors to provide commercially viable solutions to constantly evolving tricky legal issues.


Legale Affaires is formed/established by three enthusiastic partners each driven by passion to serve with excellence.  We at Legale Affaires are engineered to take a holistic and pragmatic approach to provide best possible legal counsel with a degree of certainty and comfort to our clients, so that they are in control of not only budget and cost but also the timing. We understand that law is more than just contracts and disputes, therefore we place legal problems in a broader context combining our legal acumen, expertise and experience to achieve the best for our clients.


At Legale Affaires justice is not a theoretical term, but it’s something we try to pursue every day for our clients, giving our clients confidence that the advice they receive will be of the highest standards.


Our team has an insatiable thirst for success and knows nothing but perfection when it comes to representing our clients. We sail though and question every provision of law before its application and see whether we can improvise it for better. We have a modern and progressive approach of law. We consistently strive to deliver smarter, more efficient solution to our clients most complex challenges.

Our potency rest on the excellence of our lawyers. Their profound knowledge accelerated with complimenting volume of experience achieved efficiently across diverse field of law.



Our lawyers have a strong litigation practice for over 15 years and are known for having successfully represented clients in complicated and intricate disputes be it civil, commercial, testamentary or criminal matters from the lowest courts in India upto the Supreme Court of India.


Our lawyers have an exceptional success rate in almost every court case and settlement we have ever handled. We treat our clients like family, and discuss their cases on a daily basis with all the lawyers and strategize together as a team.

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